Greetings all!

My 2009 SX-4 only has 66,000 miles on it, but when I was recently getting ready to tow it on a tow dolly, I discovered the rear u-joint was getting crunchy. (I was unhooking it so I could tow with the rear wheels down.) While I had originally planned on using a bungee cord to hold it up out of the way, after finding the bad joint, I just removed the whole thing and ran it without the shaft for a few weeks.

I remembered a couple of old threads on u-joints so I researched them. In the end, I ordered a pair of replacement joints from the U-Joint Store as recommended. I spent the better part of a day replacing them, but in the end everything is back together and the car is running smooth.

Items of interest:
-The originals are staked in and difficult to remove. I've got a tungsten Dremel bit that let me get in and carve our the dimples. It took pounding the caps in both directions a bit and more grinding until I could knock them all the way clear. Two cross shafts I actually cut with a cut-off wheel before I was able to get both caps completely free.
-It was noted the replacement joints are not symmetrical and to be sure and install them correctly. True statement.
-As I was putting things back together, it really looked like the joints weren't going to fit. Using calipers, it looked like I was going to be 2mm shy of having enough room. In the end everything did squeeze in and I got the C-clips installed.
-I really wish I'd had a press. I've been on the verge of buying a 20-ton HF press for years and at one point I just about jumped in the truck and drove down and got one. (Biggest reason I didn't is because my luck is they are always out of stock on what I need!) I got it done with a wide array of sockets and hammers, but it wasn't gently. Press is much gentler.
-My center bearing seems to be running smooth, but at the end of day it is still the original one. Have no clue if a person can swap that out.
-In looking around, if this hadn't worked, looks like I could get a rebuilt replacement shaft out of Canada for just shy of $400; this was my back-up plan.

Just an FYI in case anyone else is looking at doing this job.