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Thread: Fluctuating revcounter when cruising.

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    Fluctuating revcounter when cruising.

    Good day all, I recently noticed that the revcounter of my 2014 SX4 with J20B motor (137000km) have a slight fluctuation of +- the revcounter needle thickness at around 2000 rpm to 2800 rpm. Idle is fine, fuel consumption perfect. She only consume 93 octane.
    Any ideas what could cause it?
    2014 SX4 2.0

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    My first impression would be that the torque converter clutch (lock up) turns OFF and ON...obviously that would mean you have an automatic transmission (that you did not tell), or if your tranny is a CVT, that simply means ratio is changing due to varying load...
    Obviously, your speed , when this happens as described, is around 70 mph/110 kmh..another thing you did not mention; one thing you could try then owuld be to flip the transmision strick to the manual mode when at highway speed, thus locking the ratio, probably in 6th if at 2000rpm...but then it would probably not be able to keep speed, specially if you have a head wind or going up even a very slght incline.
    2014 was the very last year the classic SX4 was built(side by side with the S-Cross) NOrth AMerica market, last year was 2013.
    And fill up your profile or/and signature with ALL..ALL details about car, model, year, transmsionb, engine, AWD?, trim level, we know with each of your future posts
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