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Thread: Off Road Tires ???

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    Off Road Tires ???

    Have a 2011 SX4. Looking to beef up tires for mountain trips this year. I do not have a lift, and just looking for a good tire for mountain roads in CO.


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    Tons of threads here on AT tires ... 215/65/16 will fit with no rubbing (as seen by many owners) .... general grabber AT2 is a great choice here, there are others like bfg ko2 (very heavy for our tiny 4cyl) ... some milder AT choices - falken wildpeak AT trail, i believe yokohoma geolander go15 is available in this size as well
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    I run the Toyo Open country A/T III on mine. They have been a great tire so far, and it is available in the 215/65/16 size.

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    I really love my Yokohama Geolander G015. I have them in 215/65/16. But I do have a lift. No rubbing at all.

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