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Thread: Addco bars back in stock soon

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    Addco bars back in stock soon

    Per Addco their rear swaybar should be back in stock around 4/9/21.
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    Can confirm these are (or at least were) in stock. Received mine promptly after a phone order.

    Installed today with a floor jack and jack stands on the 2008 AWD. Not sure it could be done with a scissors or bottle jack. Wiggling it through was a PITA, finally got in place going in from the driver's side (opposite the exhaust). Bolted up without washers, no problem with spring clearance. Very close to an electrical cable on the drivers side, but once the car is down off the jack stands the clearance increased quite a bit (1/4-1/2 inch) and did not seem to be a problem.

    Very happy with the result, no weird noise or roughness. Just seems more planted and less "tippy."
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