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Thread: What would you replace an SX4 with today in the US?

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    fun fact, a 2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium in very good condition has about the same trade in value per kbb as a 2009 SX4 with 40k more miles and equivalent options. She traded in an SX4 for that Fiesta about the same time my SX4 got totaled. She should have kept the SX4.
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    Before I bought my SX4 I did a fair bit of looking at all manufacturers options. I found that the Trax best suited what I wanted with a turbo 1.4L gas or diesel engine (not sure on the size of the coal-burner engine). That 1.4 engine made it in to a lot of GM variants so it's easy to find a replacement if it became necessary. The newer Equinox also came with a smaller 4 cylinder engine after 2010 (I believe) and mated to an 8 speed auto transmission, is amazing on fuel for the size of vehicle but still performs well in everyday driving. So far I haven't heard any horror stories about either.

    I had totally forgotten about the SX4 until I saw one advertised. I hesitated about getting one because Suzuki left N.A. but gave it a chance and I'm glad I did. I am a little disappointed in fuel economy (I think the Trax is better) but not that disappointed.

    An add to the post. I also looked at getting a Volvo XC wagon and would still consider buying one to save my SX4 from winter road rot.
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