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Thread: My 2005 Crossfire SRT-6

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    My 2005 Crossfire SRT-6

    Hey what's up everyone!

    First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I was an avid Photobucket user for years and had hundreds of pictures on my Photobucket account that of course I no longer have access to. That said, I implore you all to visit my Instagram account (@osshwa) for pictures of the car since just about every picture I've ever taken or had taken of this car can be found there.

    I'll try to keep this short, sweet and to the point. I bought my SRT-6 back in March '14. Prior to the SRT-6 I had a few modified cars including an '88 RX-7 convertible, a '97 M3 coupe, an '07 Cobalt SS and the car that the SRT-6 directly replaced, an '05 Mazdaspeed MX-5. My goal with the SRT-6 was to build something.....different. I've been big into the stance/low car/aggressive fitment scene since 2010 and wanted to apply that look to the SRT-6 since it had never really been done before. Keep in mind that most Crossfire's are driven by 50+ year old men. No i'm not profiling, that's the god's honest truth. I went to Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle for my first time last year at (at the time) 30 years old I was by far the youngest owner That said, I don't foresee a lot of elderly gentleman slamming the balls out of their Crossfire's like I did. Anywho, when I bought the car it was a bit of a ******* child. The paint was worn out and oxidized, the headliner was falling off, all of the badges were faded to hell, the plastic trim was chipped/gouged, etc. But I bought it because it had low mileage and was local. It's been a long road bringing this car back to life but i'm excited to have brought it to the level it's at today. Lots and lots of custom work was involved with this car given that Crossfire's don't exactly have a booming aftermarket. For example, the front lip/side skirt extensions are for a differently car entirely, but have been modified to fit my car. Also, the paint isn't OEM (it came factory gloss black). I had the car resprayed Mercedes-Benz Obsidan Black Metallic to pay homage to the SRT-6's sister car, the SLK32 AMG. So the paint is kind of an "OEM+" upgrade of sorts. Anyways, rather than keep blabbering on i'll let the mod list do the talking. And as I mentioned before, my IG (@osshwa) has plenty of pictures to check out if you're interested in seeing it!


    Needswings single CAI w/ Xstream filter upgrade
    Custom axle-back exhaust with Megan Racing muffler
    Eurocharged Performance ECU tune
    Eurocharged Performance TCU tune
    Sprint Booster power converter
    Johnson CM30 intercooler pump
    Genuine MB AMG oil filler cap
    Needswings oil catch can
    VHT painted intake manifold plenums & valve covers
    Moddiction titanium fender washers
    Mishimoto magnetic oil drain plug


    Mercedes Benz Obsidian Black Metallic respray
    Shaved rear hatch
    Gloss black painted front grille
    Custom front lip & side-splitters
    Lamin-X redout vinyl taillight overlays
    35% tint
    HID Extra RAZIR LED headlight bulbs
    LED tag lights
    OEM European market clear side markers
    ZunSport lower grilles (black)
    PIAA xtreme white foglight bulbs
    Paint matched headlight eyebrows


    KW Variant 2 coilovers
    Wiechers Sport front strut bar
    18x8.5 / 19x10 Radi8 R8S5's
    R1 Concepts slotted rotors (F/R)
    VHT painted calipers
    DressUpBolts titanium valve stem caps


    Black suede headliner
    RAZO silver trim wide-angle mirror
    LEDPartsNow interior light kit
    Redline Goods suede door pull covers
    Wind Restrictor illuminated doorsills
    Suede wrapped bulkhead cover
    Ultragauge EM2


    Clarizon FZ501 media player
    Sony Xplod door speakers
    Bazooka 6" subwoofers (x2)

    Uninstalled Mods

    Needswings intercooler isolation kit
    StopTech stainless brake lines (F/R)

    Awards/Trophies to date

    -Import Expo DC 2015 - 3rd Place Best Domestic Other
    -2nd Annual 65 Roses Car, Truck & Bike Show (2017) - People's Choice Award
    -NuConceptz Spring Show 2017 - 3rd Place Domestic
    -Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2017 - 1st Place Crossfire SRT-6
    -CICCI 1st Place People's Choice Crossfire Coupe - Presented @ Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2017
    -Import Expo DC 2017 - 3rd Place Best Domestic Other
    '07 SX4 AWD
    '05 Crossfire SRT-6
    IG --> @osshwa

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    I checked out your pics on IG. Your build is very well done and clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schultzey View Post
    I checked out your pics on IG. Your build is very well done and clean.
    Appreciate it man!
    '07 SX4 AWD
    '05 Crossfire SRT-6
    IG --> @osshwa

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    Pics! (finally made an Imgur account)

    '07 SX4 AWD
    '05 Crossfire SRT-6
    IG --> @osshwa

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    Sweet! The Crossfire is one of the best looking cars in recent history and is really underrated. The SRT version makes it even better!
    Matt in Selah (near Yakima) WA
    '09 AWD SX4, '16 6.7L Power Stroke Super Duty Crew Cab 4x4 - 860 lb ft torque!, '74 Ford Bronco

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmead View Post
    Sweet! The Crossfire is one of the best looking cars in recent history and is really underrated. The SRT version makes it even better!
    Thanks man! One thing alot of people fail to realize is that an SRT-6 is literally a re-bodied MB SLK32 AMG. It shares the same chassis, engine, transmission, etc. as it's MB counterpart. So you get AMG Benz power with a Chrysler price-tag.
    '07 SX4 AWD
    '05 Crossfire SRT-6
    IG --> @osshwa

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    One of the nicest looking Crossfire's I've seen. Those wheels look really cool.

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