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Thread: Speakers

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    Sorry didn't take pics when I did the install. If I need to open it up again I'll shoot some pics then.

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    I replaced coil of blown speaker last week. Though sound quality has improved a lot but I am also willing to install this kind of bass tube in my vehicle. Hopefully, it will really help to improve my audio system. I am thinking to go with Bazooka BT1024DVC Dual Passive Bass Tube due to good features and reasonable price. Let's see how it make me happy.

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    Considering that this is one of the most recent topic about speakers...
    I am thinking about replacing them (4 speakers and 4 tweeters), but at Crutchfield, every component says that surface mount tweeters will not fit...
    Has anybody tried replacing them?

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    I've planning on investing some TLC money into the SX4, part of which will be dedicated to upgrading the 2013 audio system.

    My goal is to do minimal wiring, retain the ability to easily go back to stock if need be, and get great sound quality for about $1000 USD in this order:
    1) $170 Morel Maximo 6.5" components upfront. Some people might just end the process right here, I've heard these are that good.
    2) $300 Planet Audio/Boss Audio 9" head unit (would never have though about getting these brands, but the head unit should be good enough sound quality wise and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay has mostly made the interface+brains of head units an outsourced job - mostly for the better :
    3) $190 Alpine KTP-445U Power Pack head unit add-on amp, bridged to 90Wx2 rms for the Morels up front:
    4) Either unplug the stock rear speakers or have them amped on the head unit upfront if possible - I pretty much see no reason to keep the old rear speakers connected, they will only muddy the sound stage and quality
    5) $300 Invest in one of many powered underseat subwoofer options like the Kicker 11HS8:

    Any thoughts/experience on this setup?

    @danilo I'd be trying to go for the surface mount on the dummy tweeter grills on my 2013 too
    2013 SX4 Tech AWD Crossover - 6MT - Boost Blue

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    1) Those Morel Maximo look great, and 1'' tweeters are almost like original (1.1'').
    My doubt could be the crossover now. I've read some take both wires, the stock tweeter and woofer, and connected to the input, I don't know if that's correct.
    But you will do new wiring, haha.
    4) no rear audio? Maybe you can find some speakers to replace them.
    5) maybe an Alpine?
    It has RCA input.

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