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Thread: How to change an Egr valve on D20AA engine

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    How to change an Egr valve on D20AA engine

    Hello, this is my first post and I'm not english-speaker...
    This "how-to" concern only 2.0 DDIS D20AA diesel* engine for SX4 phase2 (Magyar) 135 cv. (2009-2013)

    Egr problems are very common on this model.
    First noticeable symptom : Fuel consumption increase. Not from one or two percent but from five to ten and more in some circumstances.
    Quickly you will have the "default engine light" on. After 20 to 100 km it can turn Off. But it will come back.
    Another symptom : sometimes your engine is hard to start, exactly like if the battery was suddenly weak (even if the battery is new).
    After 20.000 km you have a 90 cv. engine with no turbo anymore in your hand.
    And of course you have Errors P0 490 and P0 487 if you check the ECU with any ODBII tool.
    The valve is easy to remove, easy to clean, easy to check but this not solve the problem.

    This only tool you need is a Torx30 wrench.
    Only one connector to unplugg and two bolts to remove.
    This is where the valve is located. (picture from the top, you can easily see the brake fluid tank cap)
    Underlined in red. The valve is hided by some pipes and wires.


    On this picture where the valve is on it's real position in the engine (you will never see this in reality unless you completly remove the Egr-compound) you can see the two bolts you have to unscrew (red circles). Be minded that there are four other bolts (Tx30 also) very close from the two you are about to remove but they have not the same head shape (they are not figured on the picture, you only can see two holes on the right side, on a red gasket)


    One on the top easy to access and one on the bottom a little bit harder (unscrewing like a blind man)
    I insist on the fact the Torx size is 30 and not 27, with a Tx27 you can easily damage the bolt head!)
    To remove the (orange) connector pull back a little yellow strip and then gently unplugg the connector.
    If everything was ok that's what you will have in hands.


    Screws are figured in red (do not mind the others)
    As you can see the Egr valve is not that dirty but unfonctionnal anyway.

    The reference (and brand name) of the valve is Dellorto 55208609 it can be a similar one (five pins connector) and the price varies from 150 to 500 (highest : Suzuki dealers of course)

    But it's not finished.
    After that you need to clear defaults code and reset a EGR valve parameter to "new".
    And for that the only way I found was to purchase a licence for the software Multiecuscan 4.5 (the free version allow you to check only). I've done that with a very simple ELM327 (ver > 1.3) usb model on a notebook (paid 75 for a license (lowest is 50) and a ELM327 plug , use the English version of the software, the french one is like my english ;-)

    Il anyone need more details or if the post is strictly incomprehensible just tell me.
    SX4 2.0 DDiS 4x4 CrossOver 16V 135 cv Diesel Phase 2 (MAGYAR) 200.000 km...

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    Thankyou for posting, I have the same car. I fitted a blanking plate with 10mm hole in it on the outlet of EGR to manifold pipe connection, is just to the right of the EGR in your second picture. Fitted at 12,000km and had no faults at all. Now on 110,000km. I have never removed the EGR valve / motor unit.
    North Cornwall UK - 2012 SX4 SZ5 classic 2.0 FPT Mjet II eu5 6MT 4x4 in Kashmir Blue Pearl. 7Jx16 ET45 215/60/16 winter and ET38 225/55/16 summer - stiffer MAD rear springs, UR Towbar, G3 roof bars, all synth oils, LED bulbs. 170_PS 400_Nm remap

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