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Thread: Hypermiling, kinda

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    Hypermiling, kinda

    With gas prices being what they are my lead foot seems to have lost some weight and I'm starting to get some decent mileage as a result. I'm avoiding jackrabbit starts, rolling onto the throttle, never using more than 50% or so throttle, and shifting at 3k. Basically just driving like a normal human. I'm now seeing low 30s on my regular commute which is 3/4 highway, and that's with a/c on. I definitely noticed a dip in mileage when using 10% ethanol fuel so now she's on a strict diet of 87 octane, no corn squeezings.

    What's everyone else doing to cope with inflated fuel costs?
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    Go easy on pedal, avoid braking, coast when possible ... problem is my zuki does a lot of short trips so not much relief on mileage.
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    No change.
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    I try to be as efficient as possible when on the highway (which means I avoid braking as much as possible and scan far ahead so I don't have to slow down too much).

    This car is a dog so in the city I giv'er every chance I get. It costs me what it costs me for gas. I spend more on my ZR1 but that car is more fun and effortless to go fast.
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