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Thread: Tyres also for a bit of off-roading

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    Tyres also for a bit of off-roading

    Hi, what tyres would you reccomend for following driving - 85% on road (but often also worse quality), 15% not heavy terrain ?

    Commonly sold road tyres or original car tyres seems me not sufficient for driving also sometimes out of the roads. A bit deeper or rougher tread would be handy, seems me... On the other way most of the riding stays on the roads and even long-distance journeys on roads, highways, and you wont have to tolerate long journeys on Mud terrain or All terrains tyres only, just for the moment, then you finally once get off the road. Handle a terrain (up to ground clearance od SX4) without losing a contact, dusty roads, gravel, meadows, ditches or steeper slopes. Mainly dry; not mud or very wet sections is here expected and required to handle them.

    Important features that tyre should have - long life tyre service is not much reqested, contact and good grip is prefered. Total car annual mileage is averadge, or under averadge. But lower restistance (and low consumption) would be good and important feature:-).
    Probably summer tyre then all season tyre (or if you know some great one, why not to take it into account as well)

    It is also not easy to find the tyre in right dimmension. Those tyres are usually produced higher, Sx4 shall have 205/60 R16", but those tyres tends to be at least 65, 70 (and more..) available. I would choose rather from brand tyres or quality tyres, not mentioned that some less famous tyres tends could be even difficult to even get them or see them. Non brand tyres tends to have longer braking distance, less stable..etc.

    thank you for any of your advices or experiences... and for your tips

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    I started looking at tires again tonight. The cheapos that the dealer put on when they sold me the (used) SX4 wore out after a couple of seasons. I run snow tires for the two winters I've had it, so far. I see that Falken Wildpeak are listed as a good tire on other forums. lists them as available for the SX4 (hate to give away the secret, until/if I can order a set. LOL). They also have a review comparing these tires, including wet/light snow. See link below:

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