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Thread: Engine swap with rally in mind

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    Engine swap with rally in mind

    Hi all im new here and have a 2010 sx4 base model. Recently the transmission has started to give out and it needs new brakes and tie rods as well. The engine sounds rough as well but im not too certain about that.

    Anyway with all this going on I figured now is the perfect time to swap the engine and transmission out with something a little more capable and with part availability. So my friend and i are going to swap the J20 with a K24a2 with a crv transmission. Our goal is to get about 300 horsepower out of it and finish building it up enough to rally it. We’re going to beef up suspension and steering and give it a 1.5 inch lift and also gut the cars interior and add a roll cage.

    If anyone has any advice on swaps with the Suzuki i will take it. We’re planning on doing it this summer when we get out of school (roughly may). So we have some time to think about it.

    We both have experience with working on our 4Runners and hes done a swap before but this is going to be a whole new level of difficulty.

    I will record most of it and post pictures when i can.

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    J24 swap from a kizashi would be a lot easier.
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