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Thread: 2.5" Projector with bi-xenon lights

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    2.5" Projector with bi-xenon lights

    I have always found the stock H4 incandescent bulbs a terrible lightning solution, it has no focus and lacks power. I've been wondering about bi-xenon for a while and got to put it together this weekend.

    About 5-6 hours of work from getting the headlights off the car to finished installation.

    I'm absolutely pleased with the results, the car not only looks better now but also improved visibility A LOT.

    I used 2.5" full metal version 9.5 projectors (, E46 extended shrouds, and CN light bulbs and ballast (

    The lens removing process is quite straightforward: using the heat gun give it a fast heating all around the edges (try to focus heat on the black plastic) then choose a corner, heat that place better and start opening it by there. Don't forget to remove the screws and tabs. Closing it is pretty much the opposite job. There are several videos on YouTube regarding this part.

    H4 bulbs cuts power to low beams when high beams are turned on, that has to be worked around to use Xenon projectors, there are wiring harnesses available but I don't recommend them, they allow the ballast to turn off when returning from high to low beams, which causes a little flash, repeating this causes one of my ballasts to burn, after that I made my own harness .

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    Wow! Outstanding work and it's great to see other people taking the time to upgrade their SX4s still.

    I went a different route, I refinished the headlights with a 3M kit today into which I am installing Auxito LED lights. I'm sure they won't hold a candle to your projectors though, pun intended.
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    How did your LED install work out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmashedGlass View Post
    How did your LED install work out?
    I went for Xenon, haven't tried LED

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