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Thread: Motorsport Tech Wheel Adapters, Spacers, and Hub Rings

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    Hi everyone,

    This past week I received my order of Motorsport Tech wheel spacers/adapters and installed them a couple days later at a self serve garage.

    I ordered the same sizes as Kevin; 20mm spacers in the front, 25mm spacers in the rear.

    Here's each side shot taken from the back of the SX4 before installation:

    Here's a shot of one of the hubs without the included bolts installed. The included nuts with the spacers are conical, so be sure to install them correctly with the cone shape first.
    I had no issues with the threads sticking out so I did not need to shave off any of the bolts.

    A couple of quick after shots:



    Overall, the install went smoothly. I took my time since it's the first time I've done a job like this. I applied anti-seize to the spacers as well for easier disassembly when the time comes to get new wheels with a lower offset.

    As far as overall driving experience and handling, I haven't noticed too much after the install.

    My SX4 is still on stock suspension. The next step for me is to save up for some coilovers and get rid of the wheel well gap.
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    Nice. I ran them in that size for over 4 years without any issues with the OEM wheels. After I switched to some Nissan Altima 17s with a lower offset, I had some rubbing on the back during dips, so I removed the adapters. Thanks to the anti-seize, they were easy to remove also.
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