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Thread: J20A vs J20B

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    Thanks. I'm good with mechanical and engineering projects, I'm actually a collision repair tech.
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    I still have my 2007 SX4 with out any break down and 120,000 miles on it as my daily driver so that I don't put that much mile and my fun car genesis coupe 3.8 2013. I love driving the sx4 as a DD. As for the j20b with cvt, I would not touch it, I don't like cvt and from what I have research, the only benefit is fuel economic, which has been prove to be the opposite or neutral, in general with all car manufactures, just my opinion.

    I also wish Suzuki would still be here or came back!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dowser View Post
    Having owned a 2007 with J20A/5 speed manual (143 hp) AND a 2012 with J20B/6 speed manual (151 hp), I can say I like the J20B the best. It has a much wider power band, due to the variable valve timing, and better fuel mileage. I have 165,000 miles on the J20B (mostly highway miles). It has been very trouble-free to this point. It has been the best car for the money I have ever owned. I wish Suzuki was still in the North American market so I could buy a new Suzuki.
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