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    Body Swap

    Hi I have a SX4 AWD with a phenomenal powertrain drive system and ****ty body. My mom has a Sx4 Fwd with a phenomenal body and blown engine. My mothers car is in Florida and I am in Michigan so I can't go out and look at both next to each other. I have all the time and the two cars already. Is it possible to do the body swap? is the tunnel for the drive train already there(is the shell the same between the F/Awd)? how different is the rear end? I know this is a stupid idea(specially if I had to buy one or the other cars but I dont). If anyone has any experience going between the AWD and FWD I would appreciate your input!

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    Are both cars hatchbacks ? Sedans never had the AWD so I'm quite sure it could not accommodate. . ANyway, there are differences....the gas tank for the FWD is larger; the awd tank is shallower to make place for the rear train..not sure about the floor. . But first fill up profile/signature with details ab out car(s), year model, transmission, mileage, and we know with each of your posts without you having to repeat or us to ask.
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