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Thread: 2009 5 door - jumps out of drive into neutral

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    2009 5 door - jumps out of drive into neutral

    Hello all,
    I recently adopted my daughters 2009 SX4 and am new to the brand. The search feature left me empty handed so I'll ask.

    I've noticed that if I get on the gas hard, the transmission jumps from drive into neutral. I'm hoping this is just an adjustment, but with the snow we've been having in the northeast and no garage, I have yet to crawl under it.
    At the same time I hear a somewhat unpredictable "grunch" noise from under the front end occasionally like a dried up bushing except the sound cannot be tied to bumps, dips, ect... in the roadway.

    Playing with the throttle does not reproduce the sound either.


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    Have you checked the selector cable at the console and front of engine. The cable might have had come loose.

    Fill in your car profile. In signature. Like mikeage awd, manual or automatic.

    Slso get yourself a copy of Shop manual from the forum.
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    I would think there might have a link between the "grunch" noise and the transmission pop off. A loose engine mount might pull the transmission cable under torque....
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    Someday when the weather breaks in the northeast, I will crawl under it and inspect everything. Having no garage to use, I'm banished to the driveway and dependent on good weather.
    As mentioned, this is my daughters car and due to lack of parking space at her current residence, I have adopted it for the time being. Having 3 cars between my wife and I, it's not required for everyday use so short trips are fine.
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