Hi all,

I know it can be hard to find parts for our cars but I have found a couple of sites that deal OEM Suzuki parts. Megazip and Amayama trading co. are both OEM suppliers for Japanese vehicles.

Megazip is easier to use because they have exploded pictures of the vehicles and the parts are numbered but you need to scroll down to find the section you need, then you click on the box with the parts you're looking for in it. Once you see the part you want take the number (1-50 or so depending on picture) and find it in the list below the picture, there you will find the OEM part number and if there is a price next to it, they are in stock or can be back ordered. If you see a dash with no number, then the part is discontinued. Megazip also has a US warehouse as well as Japan and one more in south Asia somewhere (I think).

Amayama is similar but they require you know the part number (which you get from Megazip). Check prices and availability on both sites because some parts are more (or less) than the other site and sometimes only one site can supply the part you may be looking for. I think Amayama only have a Japanese warehouse.

They're my go-to sites for parts I need.

I hope this info helps anyone looking to find OEM parts for their Suzi's

Here's the link to Megazip. https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dl...y-07-09-326894 Google Amayama, it's easy to find. P.S. The link should take you directly to the SX4 page but there are way more pages for other models and makes.