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    New members thread

    Hi all,

    This is my first post. I wanted to say hi and introduce myself but didn't see a new member thread so I made one. All new members can post their hellos here if you make it a sticky.

    I have been a long time Teamswift (RIP) member and continue to be a member of the Swift boards with my Swift GT's.

    I recently was in need of a new winter vehicle and decided to go with the SX4. It's an '09 awd hatch in that lovely copper colour. 214k kms, auto. I guess it's the JX model because it has a lot of the options but not all.

    I really like it but there are a few things I wish were better. I don't like the distance to empty feature. It changes too much as you drive which makes me question whether I have enough fuel to make it to the next town when travelling. I'm use to a Dodge truck one that is far more accurate and stays fairly consistent as the miles go by. I'm not impressed with the MPG which over the life of the vehicle shows 10.6L/100km. I haven't found how to reset that short of disconnecting the battery. That may be lower than what I'm getting because it was a city vehicle its whole life. It is still better than my Blazer was for economy but I expected more. It seems to be not much better than a Volvo awd. Perhaps the manual is better but they are hard to find.

    The radio antenna is poor. I lose signal earlier when I head out of town than with any other vehicle I've owned.

    Well I'll keep this brief because it's only a "hello" post.

    Here's a few pics of the car

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    Hi everyone! I have been a member for almost 5 years now, but just started posting. I love my little Suzuki. It's a 2012 (i bought in 2016 w/25K) with just over 81K on the clock. I work from home now, so I hardly drive her and I am starting to think about what changes I can make to her. I did try one of the Chinese head units, but it was crap after 18 months. So now I just have a single DIN with Bluetooth and it serves me well. I am thinking about the RRO lift, but not sure it is money well spent for a car that'll be driven 2K per year. I have the Base model, and i'd love to get OEM fog lights but I'm having issues locating them, along with the OEM switch. I have an INNO roof rack installed.

    I have also installed Metra seat heaters (for the wife), Metra cruise control (i used to drive the SX on long trips but not anymore) and a hitch for my 5x8 trailer but otherwise it is stock and wonderful
    2012 AWD SX4 Crossover, Silver, 81K, 6MT
    2015 Volvo V60

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    Hey! I have been a on and off member of the page for quite some time (most of the time I had not registered as a member). I have a sx4 '07 grey blue, 75k miles on it, with some changes. I have installed a touch radio with backup camera, painted the engine cover (panda figure included), and am looking forward to roof rack coming and fog lights then later, lift kit, bigger tires and underpulley coming soon. I have to say the little fella has hung in there considering the abuse i have given it. I still have to paint the hood and top since the clearcoat and paint have faded. I also have to figure out a fast clacking sound is when I turn on the a/c, I think its the magnetic clutch but then again... i'm not sure. Either way hello and nice to meet ya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpallison View Post
    i'd love to get OEM fog lights but I'm having issues locating them, along with the OEM switch.
    I bought a set of Chinese knock offs and it came as plug and play pretty much. Everything is there you'd need, just a small amount of work to install. They are cheap enough that it was worth the risk buying them. I have received them but they are not installed yet. The switch looks like it fits the OE hole pretty well and the lights look correct.

    If you want OEM, go here...
    2009 SX4 AWD hatch, auto, 2.0L. JX model I think.

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    I was here before and never really left even after my sx4 was totaled and replaced with something else, but now I'm back with an sx4 the same year and color as my last one but a trim level above. I finally have that under seat "sub".
    '09 Suzuki SX4 AWD 5-spd Copper Sunlight Metallic - RIP
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    '09 Suzuki SX4 AWD 5-spd Copper Sunlight Metallic v2.0

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