Hi all,

This is my first post. I wanted to say hi and introduce myself but didn't see a new member thread so I made one. All new members can post their hellos here if you make it a sticky.

I have been a long time Teamswift (RIP) member and continue to be a member of the Swift boards with my Swift GT's.

I recently was in need of a new winter vehicle and decided to go with the SX4. It's an '09 awd hatch in that lovely copper colour. 214k kms, auto. I guess it's the JX model because it has a lot of the options but not all.

I really like it but there are a few things I wish were better. I don't like the distance to empty feature. It changes too much as you drive which makes me question whether I have enough fuel to make it to the next town when travelling. I'm use to a Dodge truck one that is far more accurate and stays fairly consistent as the miles go by. I'm not impressed with the MPG which over the life of the vehicle shows 10.6L/100km. I haven't found how to reset that short of disconnecting the battery. That may be lower than what I'm getting because it was a city vehicle its whole life. It is still better than my Blazer was for economy but I expected more. It seems to be not much better than a Volvo awd. Perhaps the manual is better but they are hard to find.

The radio antenna is poor. I lose signal earlier when I head out of town than with any other vehicle I've owned.

Well I'll keep this brief because it's only a "hello" post.

Here's a few pics of the car