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Thread: Non-turbo performance increasing

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    Non-turbo performance increasing

    I've gotta 2012 Suzuki SX4 6-speed, and whilst I love the styling and cabin experience I just feel like it needs a little more oomph. I'd love to get it in the 170-200hp range if possible. I'm still rather new and inexperienced with modding and need the car to be somewhat reliable as a daily. I also would like to not turbo it if possible (cause for real, turbo kits for it seem to cost as much as the car itself did), plus I can already see it being a major headache to install and maintain. So I guess what am I looking at for parts and price for this?

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    Short of an engine swap, the only WSU i could even see this happening is with a full motor build. Tons of head work, larger valves, custom camshafts, custom pistons, and stand alone fuel management. Not cheap, hence why people got turbo.

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