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Thread: Transmission Replacement

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    Transmission Replacement

    I recently replaced the engine in my '08 SX4 AWD and when i finally got it all together, go to take it for a spin as its running perfectly, and no matter what gear it wont move, suspecting the torque converter got damaged when the old engine siezed, have a new trans and converter and was wondering, do i need to unhook the front axles from the hubs to pull them out of the trans or do they pull out enough without unbolting them from the hubs?

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    Sounds like the front pump on the trans got damaged. Probably sheared the pawl off of the pump drive gear.
    As for the axles, you can probably disconnect the tie rods at the lower control arm and turn the hub far enough to get the axle out. Then you can pop the axle out of the trans.

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