Put money into all my other cars and ran them into the dirt within a year. When I got my Suzuki SX4 I told myself, not putting money into this car cuz imma run it into the ground soon anyways. Well itís now been three years and Iíve actually been keeping up with it pretty good and if any car Iíve had deserved getting money put into it, itís this one! Already pulled another hood from a different Suzuki, and if I can find one at the Kenny u pull with an all drive transmission Iím going to pull that too, if I get that into the Suzuki I have now then I will lift it. Iíve seen Suzukiís with like bumper guards or whatever theyíre called lol, anyone know where to get those or did they have it fabricated? I could make my own but I think I would rather buy them since my welding skills are Still in the working. Any other ideas? Never really done an off road car before but not sure about the money it takes to make it fast soooo, would rather put that in my other car lool