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Thread: Roof rack cross bar recommendations

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    Roof rack cross bar recommendations


    I'm a new SX4 owner trying to get my 2011 Crossover all set up, and I'd like to add some "OEM-style" roof bars to my existing roof rails (with wind faring and a luggage container too eventually). I know this topic has been covered here but it looks like there's been nothing new for a number of years.

    My first choice would be buying quality brand used on ebay (Yakima, Thule or RhinoRack) but compatibility seems like an issue and even the used ones are quite pricey. Maybe getting a set that is definitely bigger and cutting it down would work?

    My second choice would be buying a cheapo set (like the OMAC brand ones on ebay for example), but I'd be worried about overall quality and noise.

    Does anyone have any tips or experiences to share? Thanks very much!

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    Here is a pic of the beat-up Yakima setup that came on my daughter's 2008. I have since moved the front crossbar and fairing further forward.

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    I know i'm a little late to this party, but just in case you were curious, I go the Inno Base Rack (Parts XS-100 and XB-100 I think) for my 2012. They were comparatively inexpensive (Thule and Yakima were twice the cost) and I got a free wind deflector at the time (2016). I've carried everything from 2/4/x to canoes and I have no complaints. Also very easy to remove/install.

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