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Thread: DIY Aux Jack for Non-GPS Stock HUs

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    Original thread:[/QUOTE]

    My concern is that, with the cable I have, my connection can't be like the one above. Do you mean that as long as i have all the right parts connected (e.g. Headphone to plug tip, head phone to plug ring, ect,) they don't have to be to the specific pins as in the above diagram? Mine would have to be either:

    [█ _ █ █]
    [█ _ █ █]


    [█ _ █ █] █=lead
    [█ █ _ █] _=no lead

    so I wont be able to end up with:

    [_ _ █ █]
    [_ █ █ █]

    in either scenario. Can it be done as long as *a* wire is soldered in the proper spot, even if the wire doesn't connect to the same pin? Again I apologize if this is an ignorant question, or if I'm missing something obvious.

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    The obvious thing is to push the barb that holds the contact in one of the housings allowing you to shift it to the spot you need it in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
    The obvious thing is to push the barb that holds the contact in one of the housings allowing you to shift it to the spot you need it in.
    That's exactly what I did when I made mine. I've actually been trying to find that size crimp connectors so I could connect everything without splicing any wires, but the only one I actually had to splice was the resistor. I managed that by going into an old computer case I had and salvaging a reset button connector and removing two pins and leads from it, which I placed into the CD-ROM connector.

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    Any one still out there on this one? I have been able to create the cable, but the problem is my cd/radio says "Telephone" on the screen all the time. If I disconnect the resistor, my CD player goes back to normal. My problem is that I cannot switch out of Telephone mode as long as the resistor is active. Also, all controls for left/right, front/back, treble, bass, etc. do not function in Telephone mode. I have tried different resistances, and they don't seem to make any difference. Am I missing something here? I could put a toggle switch to enable and disable the resister, but the Telephone mode seems to have a different input gain level than the Aux mode, and sounds slightly distorted. Any help, or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Check that you have the right connections, you could be reversed or there's a contact from shield. The drawing in 1st post is looking into the aux socket.

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    Thanks for the posts. Used the harness for nav. system spliced the wires and hooked it straight into a long male wire. Ran that behind everything out next the gas pedal and my ipod sits in the cup holder. All I ended up needing to buy was the resistor. In all it cost me 1.59.

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    Hello folks,

    Has anybody ever managed to do this with the PACR07 radio? I can not find the exact pinout for this radio but I suppose it is the same as the PACR06 which is as following:
    1. B/U
    2. ACC
    3. P.GND
    4. P.GND
    5. R+
    6. L+
    7. B/U
    8. NC
    9. LAN+
    10. LAN-
    11. LAN MUTE
    12. S.GND
    13. R-
    14. L-

    As emanoyhl posted the Clarion radio has the pinout:
    1. ACC
    2. NC
    3. GND
    4. TEL/AUX L-ch
    5. NC
    6. TEL/AUX ON
    7. S.GND
    8. TEL/AUX R-ch

    If my understanding is right the connections should be made like this:
    - Resistor(0,9k to 1.5k Ohm) --> Connects GND(pin 3) with TEL/AUX ON(pin 6)
    - Headphone tip --> TEL/AUX L-ch(pin 4)
    - Headphone ring --> TEL/AUX R-ch(pin 8)
    - Headphone shield --> S.GND(pin 7)

    Now how would I connect my Radio?
    - Resistor(0,9k to 1.5k Ohm) --> ?
    - Headphone tip --> ?
    - Headphone ring --> ?
    - Headphone shield --> ?

    Would be very thankful for help as have a very long trip ahead and what would that be without GB of music!

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    Good DIY project. I liked mine centered…it was pretty easy.
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    Hi , please help me i have a PACR05 Radio for Panasonic and i don't now how i can add Aux jack , This is picture and pinout for my Radio :
    Thanks a lot

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    I did you finally find what was the "telephone" problem? (i have the same one)

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