Hey guys! I just bought my 2010 SX4 Hatchback and I /love/ it. I replaced the stock head with a BOSS BV755B and it's been working great for sound, but my problem is that I really need a reverse camera.

I picked up this camera from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0814Z8D93..._sW69EbDPSV45M (LeeKooLuu camera) which came with a screen and mounting bracket, but I am trying to wire it to the head so that I don't have an unnecessary screen.

For clarification, the SX4 I have is able to toggle between FWD and AWD. I have been able to get everything working with the actual screen but I ordered a video-out 4-pin connector with power adapter as well so that I can do the above. My wiring to the reverse lamp for power is correct, but I seem to be have a violet wire (provided in the wire harness setup by Crutchfield) for Reverse Lamp (+). I have poured over wiring diagram after wiring diagram and I see that the wire I need to tap is in the TCM, but I know very little about cars (I'm a computer and electronics guy lol) so I'm not sure where the wire is that I would need to tap. Would it be possible to either a) extend the wire to run to the reverse lamps through the trim and kick panels, and if so what gauge of wire would I need, or b) have one of you more knowledgeable folks tell me where the wire is that I need to tap in layman's terms?

Thanks in advance!

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