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Thread: Has anyone had multiple problems with their windshield wiper motors on a Suzuki Sx4?

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    Has anyone had multiple problems with their windshield wiper motors on a Suzuki Sx4?

    I have been in private talks with another forum member and he gave me some good suggestions. He also suggested I post this to see if anyone else has some suggestions.

    I have a 2009 suzuki sx4 sedan and it has generally been a good little car; however, not the wipers are giving me grief.

    A friend (who is not a mechanic but quite good with all things mechanical) is trying to do simple repairs for me as I am not in the least bit mechanically inclined except for adding oil and changing bulbs.

    About 4 years ago, my windshield wiper stopped parking properly and only worked on the highest speed. I took it to a garage and at great expense, they replaced the motor. I don't know if it was an original Suzuki part. Then last fall, the same thing happened again. I was told that this rarely happens on these cars.

    My friend pulled out the old motor and we put in a refurbished motor (refurbished Cadrone) and it only worked for 3 months. We replaced it a third time and once again have the same problem. Lordco (our local parts shop)refuses to take it back, despite their 1 year warranty. They tell me that I have some other problem, not the windshield wiper motor.

    We had replaced the switch before installing the refurbished motor, but the wiper still only worked on 1 speed and didn't properly park. So I bought the refurbished motor and it worked for 3 months. The same problem occured again and I had another refurbished motor put in and it lasted about 3 months.

    My friend wants to know if we are just unlucky to have bought 2 bad motors or I have some other problem.
    If it is some other problem, is the motor ok or do I need yet another?
    If it is some other problem, what should he look at?
    Could he take apart the motor and repair it? He finds videos online to do the work.
    Should I order an original Suzuki motor and forget about buying new Chinese made or refurbished?
    Are the relays inside the motor or elsewhere? From what I see on Youtube, other cars seems to have relays located elsewhere in the engine motor that have to be tested but I can't find those in my Suzuki.

    I see motors online ebay and they seem to indicate that can be used in a number of vehicles including Toyotas? Do these generic really work that well or am I throwing good money after bad?

    I appreciate any advise or help you can give me because this is getting to be rather expensive replacing motors that stop working.

    The person I was in communication in this forum with suggested the problem was with the switch at my steering column. Could be the contacts not good and to do ohm meter on the wiring. always disconnect battery for hour because of airbag. If it isn't the switch or the the motor, what else could it be? I am really feeling a little desperate here and since the garage didn't get it right first time, I don't really trust them. I have owned a number of other cars, domestic and Japanese and have never had this problem before.

    Thanks for you help.

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    Update to my problem:
    I paid a mechanic to pull out the motor and look at it and the switch. Long story short, it was the motor.

    Evidently, there is a couple of small pieces of plastic on the side that lock the motor pieces together and provide the pressure to make the connection for the relays inside. One piece was broken off and this was the cause of the problem. I am guessing to open up the motor to refurbish it, they have to force the pieces apart to open the motor and they wear out after time. I was finally able to return it and buy and new one that hadn't been refurbished.

    Learned something new and a valuable lesson about buying refurbished parts. Will never do that again.

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    I also have a windshield wiper motor that does not work. First it was intermittent or slow to move across the windshield, and would not park correctly. Now it does not work at all.

    How much to fix? Would any mechanic know how to fix, or do I need to take it to one of the few remaining Suzuki repair shops?
    How much to buy a new motor? What is the motor P/N ? (2012 SX4).

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    What was tge mileage when the wiper motor failed?
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