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Thread: Propshaft centre bearing and shaft splitting

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    Propshaft centre bearing and shaft splitting

    Thought I would create this post as noone seems to have done it or posted a how to, apologies on lack of pics but I presume form the pics you will get the idea.

    After removing your propshaft your left with this...

    The large black round part is basically a CV joint.


    You need to start by peeling back the cover with a thin chisel it has a rubber boot underneath it and an O ring which I damaged.


    When you pull back the metalised rubber boot you see it is just a normal looking CV joint. You will see a circlip (hanging on the shaft after i removed it) which fits in a groove highlighted by my finger. Once you remove the clip and removing one ball bearing at a time the shafts now seperate leaving the pot on the other Shaft.

    Inside the bot you will see a stake nut, use a small chisel to straighten the nut and use a 24mm socket to loosen it.


    The CV/Pot joint will now pull off the splines.


    I have already removed the bearing here but it simply taps off with a chisel.

    I havent reassembled yet so will come back soon as I have to repair UJ.

    The metalised dust cover on the pot joint I am hoping to re-use along with the O ring but cant see why a universal CV boot could not be used?

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    thx. nice pic

    are you going to just change the grease only or check the ball bearings as well.
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    the ball bearings look fine.

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