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    Hi guys !! I'm new here. I'm looking for some reliable inexpensive to maintain car with four wheel drive. I don't want to spend a lot of money for petrol or service but i want to have fun while i will be driving. SX4 would be a good choice ?

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    Sounds like the perfect car to me. I think they are well made and reliable. I drive a lot of back roads photographing nature, out of cell service and I'm not worried. Thats my experience. All I've ever had to do is regular maintenance ... ball joints now and then etc. My latest experience, hit a big hole in road (the main paved road) and 3 airbags blew. Thats not the cars fault. The rest of car withstood the impact fine. I want to fix it on the cheap as this is a perfect car for what I do.

    As far as gas goes ... its much better than an SUV but won't go same places.
    Its harder on gas then a non-AWD $*itbox car but then it goes more places.
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