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Thread: Driver's airbag replacement

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    Driver's airbag replacement

    There's a SX4 for sale that had the driver's airbag activate. How involved is an airbag replacement? Are there seatbelt pretensioners that have to be replaced too? The control module? And how does one obtain a replacement airbag? Can they be shipped through the mail? (note - I have experience working on aircraft, including parts that detonate. Limited automotive experience.)


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    Airbags contains gunpowder or similar stuff. may be regulated.
    just needs to leave your car battery off for few hours.
    check your impact sensors in front bumper. might need be changed too.

    get yourself a copy of tge Shop manual in this forum.
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    I would recommend grabbing the airbag module from the vehicle that the airbag comes out of. They know when an airbag detonation occurs, and remembers it in an EPROM.

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