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Thread: AWD momentary deactivation switch for e-brake

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    AWD momentary deactivation switch for e-brake

    Hello guys , got a 2008 awd
    i want to be able to use my e-brake in awd mode to flick the car quicker around corners (in snow or dirt).
    i am thinking about installing a cutoff switch on the cables that go to the rear diff ,so when i would pull the e-brake it would be 2wd ,and go back awd when released ..
    that cut-off switch would be after the 2wd/awd/4x4 mode switch ,just to cut power to the diff , so the mode on dash will keep saying 'Awd' even tho power is cut.

    now my questions is:
    does anyone know if the computer will know power is cut ?
    or if it will detect something weird going on when power is put back to it?
    or any other issues with that idea ?

    iam aware that i would have to go smooth on power delivery while its re-engaged not to smoke the diff but other than that i cant think of why this could not work...

    Seaking others knoledge and advices
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