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Thread: Replacement of the Serpentine (drive) belt on a D20AA fiat engine

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    Replacement of the Serpentine (drive) belt on a D20AA fiat engine

    (- Changer la courroie d'accessoires d'une suzuki SX4 DDIS 2.0, vous pouvez traduire ce post avec Google Traduction
    - De accessoireriem van een Suzuki SX4 DDIS 2.0 vervangen, Nederlanders spreken heel goed Engels...)
    The SX4 Suzuki car manual indicate that this belt must be replaced every 15000 Km or 12 months in severe use condition or outside of EU (it's not a joke)
    It's maybe a good idea to replace it when replacing the timing belt at 100 000.
    For a lot of bad reasons I'v reached 200 000 km... with the original one without problem's.
    I suppose 150 000 km is a better limit to replace the drive belt and the two idler pulley and the tensioner pulley.
    If one of them suddenly grip, the camshaft pulley continue to run the belt and the belt quickly melt.

    Tools needed :
    RIBEŽ Key wrench M9 R50 or TX+50 or TX50 (for ID1, original TS and Camshaft pulley)
    Hexagon key wrench 8mm (allen wrench) (for the new TS)
    Spanner for Torx E-Profile E14 (for ID2), it is impossible to use a socket.
    Parts needed :


    ID1 stands for Idler pulley (the smooth one)
    ID2 for Idler pulley (the grooved one)
    Ts for Tensioner pulley (an idler pulley + a return spring)
    The small ring goes to the back of ID1 (fine red arrow)
    The large red arrow represents the small pin that you must remove only at the very end of the operation.

    Removal and replacement of this serpentine belt is one of the first step to replace the timing belt (a futur post within few months).
    Of course you must remove the right front wheel and lift the vehicle high enough as well as engage the sixth gear.
    Normaly the first step is to compress the return spring of the tensioner pulley and
    engage a fine spindle in two holes (like you can see on the new one) to block the pulley in compressed position
    But it's not easy, not easy at all. So I decided to first remove the Idler pulley 1.
    Unscrew the bolt with a RIBEŽ wrench of 50 (or M9, but a simple Torx is also ok) and support the pulley with something, here the handle of a hammer.
    Remove the belt.
    Uh, time to replace.

    Then i've remove the camshaft pulley (or Damper pulley), four RIBE 50 (M9) bolts*
    It's not absolutely necessary but...
    You can have a look to :
    - the rear side of the camshaft pulley.
    - the spi gasket, looking for any oil traces (when replacing the timing belt for the second time it's a good idea to replace this gasket)
    - the timing belt, a very small part in fact.

    You can have a look to how compress the spring of the tensioner pulley.
    An iron bar of a centimeter section is not enough, it has bent.

    Remove the Idler pulley 2 (grooved one) with a spanner Torx E14
    Remove the tensioner pulley with a RIBE 50 (M9) wrench or TX50, to ease the job I've removed the smooth puley before unscrew the TS bolt, again it's not necessary.

    And then you put the pulleys back in the order you want but the best is ID2, ID1, TS then CS.
    Place the drive belt correctly* on the pulley following this path.
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    SX4 2.0 DDiS 4x4 CrossOver 16V 135 cv Diesel Phase 2 (MAGYAR) 200.000 km...

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    (due to the limit of five pictures)

    And then remove the little spindle located at the rear side of the TS.
    It's finished.(I suppose that you will think it's a good idea to also mount the wheel)
    Oh yes I forget something. Each bolt must be tightened to the prescribed torque.
    If anyone knows them it could be a good idea to add them to this thread.
    My method is very simple, I screw the bolt gently till it stops and I add a 1/4 (or 1/2) turn.
    Never work like a very strong man.

    *If you want to laugh a little, when I replaced my timing belt, I followed the instructions for an Alpha Romeo 159 and an Opel Vectra.
    And the path of the drive belt is different, despite all the clear evidence, I put the belt under the idler pulley 2.
    But this drive belt has survived just about everything.
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    SX4 2.0 DDiS 4x4 CrossOver 16V 135 cv Diesel Phase 2 (MAGYAR) 200.000 km...

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