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Thread: Engine Swap 2009 SX4 AWD

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    Engine Swap 2009 SX4 AWD

    Wanted to share my experience pulling the engine in a 2009 Sx4 AWD auto that I bought for 800 bucks.
    I read a lot of blogs and realized my purchase could be a huge mistake after the horror stories pulling this engine. Found a used engine with 65000 miles and started.
    What I did was pull from the top. I unhooked nothing below except exhaust manifold and 02 sensor wiring, and got that all out of the way. Removed accessories from motor top and got as much room as possible.
    Pulled starter out so I could get access to the fly wheel bolts and I continued thinking why did I buy this and IĀ’m not taking subframe apart to get this engine out.
    Now I have a half inch play from left engine bay and right Tran housing I think it will never come out.
    I decide to take a pulley off the left side to make room. ItĀ’s the one with the stud coming out timing cover. Back out the stud with vise grips. Very important!!
    3/4 inch wrench turn engine crank with left hand and take studs off flywheel one by one is what I did.
    Ok now I have a 1/4 inch to play with as I started lift.
    Removed engine bolts to tranny and it came straight up with a bit of wrangling with my Deer Feeder as my engine pull.
    Put the used engine in same way just reverse engineered it.
    Hope this helps. Have pictures will post soon.
    My daughter is now driving it at College. I just bought another one. ��
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    Some pics

    Engine pull pictures
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