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Thread: Any good looking lip or spoiler for the Sedan SX4? (Any Cosmetics!)

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    Any good looking lip or spoiler for the Sedan SX4? (Any Cosmetics!)

    I want to spice up the look of my car a little bit, I don't want any of the rubber 3m glue on lips and skirts sold on amazon, I want to know if there is anywhere where I can find a serious lip or something (either as a spoiler, front bumper lip, or even side skirts) to make it look more serious.

    Searching through this forum I see a bunch of people with a hatchback, I guess I'm the 1% with the sedan version, automatic at that

    Additionally, small things that any of you have added to your car to make a subtle effect? Like fins or some diffusors? I know how ridiculous and ricer I sound saying all of this but I want my car to look a little more.. serious...
    It's an economy car afterall, I can't expect much but anything helps!
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    There are a few body kits out there. Go on road race motorsports website for some sx4 related mods. Most of them are discontinued but you might be lucky. Besides that, there is a fuzion body kit sold. I think it fits both sedan and hatch :
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    Try also. They have a nice slection of body kits.

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