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Thread: Clear cloudy headlights

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    Clear cloudy headlights

    I could not find a thread about this, I've cleared 3 sets of headlights over the years, I know there's lots but I've always had luck with whitening tooth paste(Whitening tooth paste has abrasives that basically scratch the surface of your teeth for whitening) the paste had always worked for me, I use a sponge and use a dab of the tooth paste and just do circle patterns over the headlight. No need to remove the lights just rinse with water and a towel or paper towels after scrubbing, I'm sure a brush would work as well. Just recently did this with my 08 hatch.
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    I've also done this with my 08 hatch, but it came back after a month or so. The hazing wasn't too bad to begin with, so I'm not overly worried about it.
    Interested to give the full wet sand / polish / seal treatment a go, just gotta find the time.
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    U can buy just the clear lens replacement in Aliexpress. just a bit expensive.
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    Toothpaste is a mild abrasive so it should work but for best result, you need to wetsand, polish and apply some sort of clearcoat on your headlights.

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    3M seems a kit for clean/clearing headlights. I've used it several times and it works great. NAPA sells it for about $15.00. don't forget to tape off around the lamp with several layers of painters tape to protect your paint.
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