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Thread: heater unit problem : very tepid air temperature in the binnacle-

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    heater unit problem : very tepid air temperature in the binnacle-


    I actually have some trouble with the heater unit .

    The air produced is just a very very very tepid.

    I have a stationary heater (webasto) installed . It power on and seam to produce heat. It's "hot".

    I inspected the 2 ducts that enter in the binnacle and feed the heater radiator: they are hot , and the temparature seams to be the same in and out...

    So :

    1 - With Webasto ON , car engine OFF : Very very tepid air
    2 - With Webasto OFF , car engine ON , (after 15/20 minutes) : same very tepid air.

    I downloaded the heater diagram and i see some "air mixture lever" . Perhaps are they blocked ?

    Or a temperature sensor that is KO ?

    Thanks for your response


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    take your kick panel un knee area off. remove cabin filter. both sides and change your temp. see if the dampers control are moving.
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