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Thread: SX4 2012 front cigarette lighter socket removal + USB

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    SX4 2012 front cigarette lighter socket removal + USB

    Hey all,

    a couple of questions - do you know if it is possible to remove the front cigarette lighter socket without pulling the trims off? I don't want to force it and I need to get something fixed on my wife's care quickly.

    Secondly, what USB charge port solutions have you discovered for the front of these models? I want to be able to charge an iPad and/or phone but apart from the cig lighter socket - replacing it with a dual USB socket assembly - I cant see many opportunities to retrofit something else. Someone must have cracked the perfect solution!


    This model...

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    Nice looking car! Page 11 of 'Schultzey's Turbo SX4' thread build has a sweet 'how to' on his USB port install.

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    To remove the cigarette lighter socket you need to remove the trim (the silver ones on the side + the black around the AC controls + radio) as its screwed from the back side.

    For the USB charge port solution i have ordered this, once it arrives i will replace my cigarette lighter with the USB socket, its also illuminated red which is the same color as the rest of the dash.

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    Hey thanks for the fast responses!

    I think these two solutions are aimed at a USB data type of install. What I need is strictly a USB charge solution.

    I can see now I have to take the centre trim panel out now, so I might concentrate on a simple, power fed USB charge port that will allow my wife to charge any of her iPads/iPhones etc.

    Thank you though! Looks like an informative community here for sure.

    Similar to this typ of thing and I will use the original power supply for it.


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