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Thread: Restoring Plastic Trim with Peanut Butter?

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    Restoring Plastic Trim with Peanut Butter?

    Sounds outrageous, but rumour has it, you can restore black/grey plastic trim with peanut butter (it was internet and therefoe must be legit haha).
    Anyone actually tried this? What were your results?

    I have a few trim pieces that are in need a of good restore.

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    Why though? Probably just the peanut oils in the food, but no way it will last long term since it is food grade, and also potential to attract animals to chew on or nest in your vehicle.

    For not much more coin than the cost of a jar of peanut butter, you can actually buy a product that is meant for this purpose.

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    Use a protectant that offers UV protection like the 303 product.

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