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Thread: Will 16x6.5 wheels fit?

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    Will 16x6.5 wheels fit?

    Hi Gang,

    I'm currently looking at a set of 16x6.5 alloys with an offset of +47mm from a 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer ES to replace my current wheel set (not that I NEEEED to replace them, but it's a set of five wheels, they look good and I'm after a full sized spare). I understand the stock wheels are 16x6 with an off set of +50mm. Can anyone confirm if the 16x6.5 will fit ok with a stock suspension setup? Anyone else running something similar?

    Online calculator ( tells me the rim will sit wider on either side (3.4mm inside and 9.4mm outside).

    Keeping the stock 205/60/16 tyre size for now.


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    Yeah, you're good. I run 16x6.5" Mazda 3 wheels with the stock size tire for winter.

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    Awesome, thanks!

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