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Thread: New(ish) SX4 owner in Idaho

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliverB View Post
    I'm far from home, but I think I have an extra set or two I could mail you.
    Thatís a nice offer! How much would you want for them?

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    Should fit in an envelope, don't worry about it.
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    New(ish) SX4 owner in Idaho

    After a stressful day of work today, my wife suggested we go for a drive in the woods and find some mud. We definitely found what we were looking for-these photos donít really do justice to the water and muck we had just driven through.

    There are lots of old lava flows around here, and theyíve made some really cool looking rock formations. Iíve driven past these ones a lot, but tonight I decided to stop and take some pictures.
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    New(ish) SX4 owner in Idaho

    Got to go camping this weekend and test out the new tent!

    The car handles it well. Initially I was unsure about installing it on this car since I havenít seen anyone else on this forum with a car top tent and was wondering if you all know something I donít, but I did a lot of research and decided to go for it. Besides the obvious drop in MPGs (to be expected), Iíve had no issues. I donít plan to have it installed 24/7, so Iím not too worried about the decrease anyway. Itís just a fun getaway toy
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    Haha! Guess what... I have a car top tent setup. I have it on a wench and lower it down and tighten the bars on the car. I had no idea you were going to do this. Way awesome!
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    It would be cool to see your winch setup! It sounds really convenient

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    Since weíre stuck at home this weekend, I decided it was a good time to do something to the car that Iíve planned on for months, but never got around to until now:

    tinting my fog lights yellow.

    Iíve always liked the look of yellow fog lights, and I think it looks good with this color of SX4. I used a spray tint that I ordered online months ago. Hopefully it holds up!

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    loving this thread makes me miss my sx4 ): keep up with the posts!

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    New(ish) SX4 owner in Idaho

    Quote Originally Posted by Adaptz View Post
    loving this thread makes me miss my sx4 ): keep up with the posts!
    Thanks, I plan to! If nothing else, itís fun to keep a log of what Iíve done to the car and where Iíve taken it-glad youíve liked it so far!
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    Great pics, looks great.
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