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Thread: New(ish) SX4 owner in Idaho

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    Quote Originally Posted by IgundrySX4 View Post
    Thanks, that’s good to know! I’m sure I’ll be reading and re-reading all of these threads religiously when the time comes for a lift! I’m not as mechanically savvy as I’d like to be, so I hesitate to get myself into big DIY projects with my daily driver...sometimes a pretty simple project takes me way longer than it should-haha! I’d love to hear how it all goes and maybe see some photos when you install it!
    I have a build thread on here I need to update. (Thanks to Photobucket, I'll have to redo all the pics... I now have a WordPress blog where I can host pics.) When I do the lift, I'll add pics then. I'm a competent do-it-yourselfer, my problem is one of procrastination and having too many projects going on at once! That's the reason I bought the parts to do a mock-up; otherwise I'm afraid the SX4 would be taking up half a bay in my shop until next spring!
    Matt in Selah (near Yakima) WA
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    Sometimes it takes a few days before I wash off the dirt and mud from whatever my last adventure was, because I get such a kick out of seeing this kind of mess on a little hatchback like the SX4.

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    New(ish) SX4 owner in Idaho

    This weekend we went back to the spot we got stuck in the mud almost a year ago, and we fared a lot better today. There was snow mixed with the mud this time around, and the Grabbers did their job very well.

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    New(ish) SX4 owner in Idaho

    I had some time to do a simple modification to the cargo area of my SX4 this weekend. I was inspired by ChoppedBroccoliís old thread here:
    Iíve wanted to do this for a while, since I often haul dirty stuff in the back of my car (firewood, muddy hiking boots, trash bags, yard equipment, etc.) and trying to get all that mud and gunk off the carpeted floor after each use gets old.

    The first step was to find some vinyl matting I could use to cover the false floor. It proved harder to find than I expected, but eventually after a few weeks of looking, I found some at a local yard/hardware store.

    It was exactly what I was looking for, and it was pretty cheap too. It cost $13 for an 8í x 3í piece.

    After pulling out the false floor, I used the existing carpet as a template for the new vinyl cover.

    It was thin enough to just cut with scissors, which was really convenient.

    I havenít securely attached the vinyl to the floor backing yet. Iíve just held it in place on top of the carpet with duct tape to see how it fits in the car. Iím going to give it a few days and decide what the best method for attaching it would be, and to figure out just how permanent I want this to be...

    Overall, Iím happy with it. I havenít actually tested it yet, so Iíll have to wait until I do before I praise it too highly.
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    Nice DIY project. It looks like that will be much easier to clean.

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    Yeah, so far so good!

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    My wife and I were in southern Idaho for a family party this weekend, and since I grew up in the area and know the local trails pretty well, we decided to head into the nearby mountains after all the family stuff and explore a little.

    Surprisingly there was no snow on the ground and the trails were dry, so it was pretty easy going. We didnít have a lot of sunlight so we just climbed to the top of this hill, took some pictures, and headed home.

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    Winter finally showed up!

    We ventured into the mountains to find a Christmas tree after some pretty heavy snow, and ended up in a winter wonderland.
    This was my first experience driving the SX4 in serious snow, and the little guy did awesome. We never got close to stuck, even when plowing through a foot and a half of this stuff.

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    Very cool
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    I recognize your car Igundry... I live in Rexburg.. you parked next to my white SX4 the other day at the large and spacious building haha! It still has my wifeís custom Utah license plate on it. Itís a small world I guess. Iím going to be lifting mine later this year!

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