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Thread: Need Car Stereo With Large Screen

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    Need Car Stereo With Large Screen

    Either it is about the smartphone, LED TV or car stereo, I always prefer large screen gadgets. Nowadays, I am about to buy a Bluetooth stereo for my vehicle. I preferred Alpine iLX-F309 HALO9 because of its 9-inch screen, but then one of my friends told me about its low-resolution screen. Price is also high, and it is not coming with CD or DVD player. That's why I am looking for another good car stereo with a large screen. I just found some stereo reviews here, but I am confused between my desire (big screen) and significant options.

    On the other hand, I am also considering the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX but have some bad reviews about its screen blocking disadvantage. All in all, I am confused and would like to hear better suggestions from your side. You can also share the features of a car stereo that you are using currently.

    Waiting for your responses.

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