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Thread: Trunk lid handle : how to tighten ?

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    Trunk lid handle : how to tighten ?

    I hope I'm on the right sub-forum for this question:

    It's been a while that the trunk lid "bar" makes a rattling noise and one corner is a bit loose.
    It's probably a screw nut that got loose and fell inside between the hatchback and the thick plastic "tim" (?) of the inside.

    Here on #7 is the trunk lid "bar/handle" (not sure of its proper name) I'm talking about:

    I'm pretty confident that the *inside* thick plastic trim of the *lower* (when closed) part of the trunk has to be removed.
    The part where the little handle is to close the trunk once open.

    I just can't find ANY instructions or pointers and I'm afraid to damage something.
    Checked the technical manual PDF as well and couldn't find anything either.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    nobody has a clue ?

    At the handle that closes the trunk there is one "push in" rivet. The only one.
    I assume i can start from this but I'm afraid to break anything afterwards.
    Nobody has ever removed the inside trim to know what I should expect and how much tension it can take?
    It's an 11 yo car! lol...
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    The SX4 that I (ehh. wife) have just has a plastic cavity in the hatch either it changed with the year, or you have a sedan????.....Please edit your signature with all details about your car, location, mileage, transmission,. we do not ask each time.
    2011 sx4 JX AWD CVT 35500km(May19) Also drives 2015 KIA Sorento AWD 2.4

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