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    Phone mount


    I just got a 2007 SX4, and I'm looking to get some kind of smartphone mount since I use google maps frequently. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm intrigued by the magnetic ones, but I'm not sure how they will work with the vent design of the SX4.


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    I use a swivel head magnetic mount and it works great.
    1cm.jpg 2cm.jpg 3cm.jpg 4cm.jpg 5cm.jpg

    I have a few extra of these - I bought them for gifts - $10 US shipped.
    If you want one, PM me please.
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    Kentucky forbids anything stuck to the windshield and Indiana gives you a 5”X 5” square in the lower left corner. I have a magnetic telescoping mount I stick to the front corner window and rest the phone on the dash above the left A/C vent. The wire is a pain in the a** but for short trips I don’t plug it in. The clippy vent mounts work OK but I think the vent louvres are too delicate in an SX4 to use one.

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    I have a WizGear air vent magnetic mount. The magnet is strong enough to hold my phone well.

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    I have the same setup and location as DavidMcC. I later added an Android Auto Sony headunit and was able to keep the same location - having maps on the screen is NICE.

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