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Thread: Scotty from New Jersey USA

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    Scotty from New Jersey USA

    Hi all, I'm Scotty from northern NJ. I have a 2008 SX4, auto trans and AWD, hatch, 105,000 miles. I bought the car about a year ago from a private party, it had 84 K on it when I bought it.

    I'm looking for a good Suzuki mechanic in central or northern NJ. Not sure which forum to post this question in re: looking for a local Suzuki tech?

    I'm pretty good at working on cars and have done some major auto repairs myself in the past, but these cars are a bit different and I've never owned a 4WD car, and I'd like to have an expert Suzuki tech check some various things out on my car. The foreign car shops near me all refuse to work on Suzuki and my buddy who is a mechanic knows very little about them and doesn't like working on them. If anyone can recommend a good tech or shop for these cars I'd really appreciate it,


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    I can't really help you, but in all honesty, it is just another machine. If you can do stuff to one car, there's not much difference in doing stuff to one of these.

    The all wheel drive in these things is little more than any other front wheel drive car with a transfer case and a driveshaft sending torque to a rear differential just like most any rear wheel drive car.

    You can find a shop somewhere who will work on a Suzuki. There may be some things that they cannot do due to not having a piece of specialized diagnostic hardware, but most things aren't a problem.

    If you have someone take a look at it, what are they going to do? Check the air in the tires, check condition of tires, look at the serpentine belt, check out why the engine light is on, check the ball joints, drive it to feel for abnormalities, check for torn CV axle boots, check the U-joints in the rear drive shaft. Check for fluid leaks, check for lights working, check the oil and make sure it has good wiper blades. That is pretty much the exact same service procedure for any of the 38 cars I have owned in my lifetime.

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    The Suzuki North America website at lists the following authorized service providers in New Jersey:

    GREEN BROOK, NJ 08812

    1910 ROUTE 23 NORTH
    WAYNE, NJ 07470

    They might still have factory certified mechanics. It might be worth a try. Good luck!

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