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Thread: How to: Change diff fluid (AWD)

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    And take a peek in this thread message #45, you will see my home build funnel in the fill plug of my 07 lol

    EDIT, I just saw the other thread with the pics, that thread should be made Sticky !
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    :o) Copper 2007 AWD MT JX

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    Quote Originally Posted by n45w73 View Post
    here my version of a funnel for the manual transmission
    plastic pipe coupling and transparent rubber hose
    the hose is flexible so you can judge when the transmission is full
    price $2 max

    im gonna make some kind of better funnel to catch the used fluid next time, my cut pepsi
    bottle didn't catch all of it, berk, trans fluid smell bad on the plastic guard :o/

    for the diffs i used a kind of manual pump i already had and never used before...
    it worked fine.
    this time my pop bottle funnel worked fine for catching all drops of used oil.
    This is years old, but what is the thread size? NOw I am looking for replacement plugs for all, the suzuki ones are such hassles.

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