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Thread: Which belt tensioner do I need for my 2011?

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    Which belt tensioner do I need for my 2011?

    Some sites say that the Gates 38156 will fit. Some say it only fits pre-2010 SX4's. What is the correct part for my 2011?

    I'm guessing it won't fit and I'll need to track down an OEM tensioner. Are there any other parts like this to watch out for?

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    Interesting... I do not see an aftermarket parts listing for a belt tensioner on a 2010+ SX4.

    This could really suck when they wear out.

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    I changed mine out a couple years ago, no afkt part is avail that I know of. They do not realize that the J20B engine is different than the A. The accessory drive on the 20B is the same as the J24B engine but they also don't list a belt tensioner afkt for that engine also.

    I went with an OE tensioner, they weren't too expensive I just wonder about part availability down the road from Suzuki. I also changed out my idler pullies (2 of them they were akft. Dayco carries them).

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    The aftermarket one on the left (gates 38516) is definitely different than the OEM one on the right. I found the OEM one on ebay. I hope one of them works. What else is different about the J20B from the A engine?

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