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Thread: 2007 Suzuki SX4 awd crossover alternator replacement pulsing lights-voltage reg prob

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    2007 Suzuki SX4 awd crossover alternator replacement pulsing lights-voltage reg prob

    Just installed my brand new alternator that was sitting in the box almost all winter. Had the common pulsing lights problem which kept getting worse and hopefully when I'm done with buttoning up the rest of this job tomorrow, that pulsing will finally be gone. What a difficult repair this has been. I got the factory e-manual & decided to follow the Suzuki book instead of the videos and forum posts I've seen going through ps pump route. After getting the intake manifold out, it was still difficult job, as that upper gen bolt is hiding slightly under the top ps pump bolt and ps pulley. Shop manual makes it appear as if that bolt is not obscured, but it is. The upper bolt stays in place and you pull the gen inward toward middle of eng compartment as you loosen that bolt with a 12mm wrench. It takes a WHILE. I also used a pry bar to gently apply pressure inward when I was doing it alone, but I had some help from family briefly to pull gen inboard while I wrenched what seemed like maybe an eighth of a turn of bolt per turn (if even that, lol) Once I finally got the old gen out, the new gen went in pretty easily. I was going to use a new bolt and bolt it in from behind (cut out orig upper bolt) if I couldn't get it started easily, but new gen caught right away so I just kept wrenching (for a long time) Once I had the new gen on the upper bolt a few threads, I put the lower gen bracket back on & got those 3 lower bolts started but not fully tightened. From there, it was just a matter of getting all the bolts tight and the 2 wire connections completed in back of gen. It may have taken longer to do the job this way (factory method) but I know it's done right and all ps components were left intact as well as eng mount and no need to jack up motor via oil pan. One more bonus is now I will have all new gaskets for my intake, as well as got the electric throttle body cleaned like new. I put a new serp belt on too while I was in there. Hopefully the rest of this job of putting it all back together will go smoothly and gen problem will be solved. If anyone is interested in a couple pictures of where I'm at now before installing intake manifold back in, let me know. I feel like I've really gotten to know this Sex4 intimately now and how she works. I didn't even know the starter and solenoid were hiding under the intake manifold but now I know I can get to that part if I ever need to. These cars are not really for those with no mechanical ability in my opinion as I'm sure the labor alone on this job around my area would have been at least $750 usd

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    Quote Originally Posted by FallRivSX4Dad View Post
    .... If anyone is interested in a couple pictures of where I'm at now before installing intake manifold back in, let me know....
    Can you post a link to your pictures ? There are so many threads on this issue with questions but rarely a return detailing the execution and a success....
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    there is video link on the alternator change in the HowTo thread.
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    Oh yeah, getting that power steering pump off sucked the big one. Worse yet was getting the bolts back in. Once that was done, the rest was relatively easy. I have no idea why anyone would mention to remove anything related to the intake. That was a colossal waste of time.

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    Even my SX4 had a similar of low rpm idling and switching off.A through clean of the airfilter and the adjustment of the ecu rpm at M.A.S.S sorted it out.

    If your car is able to start,then the battery is not the issue.It could be a partially dirty throttle body

    The sx4 works on drive by wire viz. the throttle butterfly is actuated electrically and not by a cable like say a old swift.

    Just get the throttle body cleaned,and reset the TB; drive the car for a few kms for the ecu to get data and then things should be fine. Click here

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