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    Noob from the UK

    Hello everyone, thought Iíd sign up, looks a great forum. Just traded in my 11 year old Forester, that was costing too much to keep on the road, for a new SX4 SCross, pick it up in 3 weeks. Itís a little bit of a downsize in terms of size but upgrade in terms of performance and creature comforts. Iíve gone for the SZ5 AWD in black with the 1.4 booster jet engine and CVT box. Considred a Vitara but needed dual zone climate for travels with the good lady wife. In the UK in terms of a reasonable size crossover with decent all wheel drive there isnít much else comes close for the price. Suzuki UK give about 20% off list (on the SX4 not so much on the Vitara) if you work or have worked in the public sector, though they donít offer it unless you hang out for the best price! Out in the sticks where I live people use Land Rover, Subaru and Suzuki products to get them about. If the SX4 comes as close in capability in the snow and muddy tracks as my Forester was, Iíll be well happy. Thanks for reading, Iíll try and get a photo up later.

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    I think that the Subaru may have had a bit better traction control to where it would apply the brakes to a wheel that has lost traction.

    I am not a Subaru fan, but almost everyone I know with one hasn't said anything bad about them. I guess I just can't get over their commercials from ~25 years ago where they kept boasting about having the "world's first sport utility wagon" when American Motors beat them to that punch in the early 1980s.

    Does anyone remember the AMC Eagle SX4?

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    AMC Eagle is not SX4 but SX / 4
    SX4 4x4 Special Edition, petrol 1.6 VVT 88 kW, 5 speed manual, year 2014.
    I'm sorry. I do not understand English.

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