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Thread: New Ice Racer

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    New Ice Racer

    I picked up an Ice Racer this year, 2011 SX4, completely gutted. I have some work to do on it this summer, re-do the drivers seat, remove all the extra wiring, fix the throttle lag and replace the steering wheel. Will be looking for other cheap performance upgrades as I go. I've driven it the past few weeks and it's a great handling little car.

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    Awesome set up. I’ve never seen an ice race. Got done YouTube searching to do.

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    Here is some in car footage from last weekend,

    but if you google Minden Ice Racing, you should find plenty.

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    The ice racing looks fun. Never tried it. By the way, congrats on your new car!

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    Nice! Be wary, that roll cage does not look like DOM tubing and also looks to be like 1.5" if that. I would not trust that to protect me from any high speed crash. the workmanship throughout the rest of the car may be questionable. definitely look it over
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