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Thread: sx4 2009 heating problem

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    sx4 2009 heating problem

    Hi to all.

    I need help with heating system.

    Now first a bit of history, car was involved in crash and right side (passenger side) was damaged. In process of repairing it whole front inside interior was removed.

    Now I have a heating that works rather bizarrely. It takes long time for it to start heating and on long drive it will stop working from time to time. Fans are working but cold air is blown in.

    Anyone had similar problem? Any idea on what could be a problem and/or what to look at?

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    did you take the radiator out during repair? possible dirt got in and fouled the Thermostat or the Divertor vslve. if firt got in you might need a flush.
    you need to fill-in which climate control model? does it has automatic temp control or just base model ..
    you should check the link to diverter valve. not sure if it is electronic control or it is a cable cntrol like old day cars.
    check if the diverter is working.
    get yourself a copy of shop manual from this forum. detail routing is in the coolant section.
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    One of the most common causes of heating problems is low coolant levels, air in the cooling system, or both.
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